First Person: Celebrating Memorial Day for $100

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For the last few years, my husband and I have spent our Memorial Day weekend at our favorite camp site. We planned to repeat that trip again this year, but after looking at the overall cost, which is around $300 when you factor in the cost of food, gasoline, and other supplies, it's just too expensive. So, we had to adjust our celebration plans.

This is how we plan to celebrate on Memorial Day weekend, and how much it is going to cost us.

Taking a trip to a local park

We are an outdoor loving family, so it only makes sense for us to find away to get outdoors during our long weekend. There is a local park that is quite amazing, but we don't visit very often because unlike many others in our area we have to pay an admission fee to get in. This year we are treating ourselves and six other family members to a trip to this park. It will cost us $32 in admission fees for everyone to get in, which isn't a bad price to spend the day in such a great park.

Family picnic

While we're at the park we plan to host a picnic for everyone. The park doesn't offer refreshments, and there's no way we can go entire day without eating, so we figured a picnic style menu would be the best solution. We are serving shaved meat ($20) sandwiches on slider buns ($8 for 48 buns), a variety of chips ($12 for 48 bags), mixed vegetables ($8 for four bags) with dip ($6 for two large bottles), and a mixture of drinks. Including drinks our total food cost will be right around $75.

Comparing the cost

On average we spend around $300 when we go camping on Memorial Day weekend, and that cost goes up if we take guests along. Staying home for the weekend, and taking a day trip to a park with six of our family members will cost us around $107. That is a total savings of $193.

I can't say I'm extremely happy that we've canceled our camping trip this year, but changing our plans to save money is a smart financial move. There's also an added bonus because we can use our savings to pay for another celebration that comes right after Memorial Day. It's kind of like buying one and getting one free, which is a deal I'll take any day.

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