First Person: Centralize Your Fundraising by Campaigning for Funds Online

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Fundraising is much different today versus when I was a kid. I can remember going door to door in my neighborhood with candy in hand or a signup sheet for a fundraiser. The only care I had was whether or not I made my goal. These days however, are much different.

We now live in a technical world where if it isn't on an app or social media website, we'd most likely not realize it existed at all. Children today are no longer walking by foot door to door and are now connecting with their neighbors via a simple text that may say something like "Only three more bars of candy left, text me!"

It is to our advantage that we should use Social Media as a larger source of raising funds. Compared to the ten to fifteen houses I had to walk to before sunset, I'd say reaching millions by just a few clicks is a pretty far fetched comparison and better efforts to meet your goals by far.

There are many ways that you can use the world wide web to raise money for your needs, such as creating a Facebook Fan page or group and using the popular website . With just a few clicks and simple message on Hootsuite, you will instantly tell multiple websites such as Twitter and LinkedIn updates on your efforts all at once.

Children and adults alike can raise money online for their fundraisers and ask anywhere from $1 to $1,000. Because these efforts are made via the internet, funds can be raised internationally. I recently participated myself in a fundraiser with the ladies of tribe "50 Shade of Pink" for the Children's Wish fundraiser " Exile Island ". This event is located from Canada, but with the abilities of Social Media, I am able to participate in fundraising efforts all the way from my home in Ohio (The United States).

Online fundraising however isn't all about raising money, it can also be to help a loved one find a way to become healthier or perhaps find an item that has been lost. Billy Ray Harris of Kansas City, Missouri is a perfect example. He became owner of a fortune after hosting a fundraiser online after returning an engagement ring that he discovered in his cup of donations by accident. His campaign reached over $100,000.00 in it's efforts.

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