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Talking about money with my husband can be a tough ordeal. We almost always end up arguing because we both have different views on how our money should be spent. I am a saver, not a spender. My husband is a spender. He has been known to spend money without thinking twice, and in our situation, that is not a good thing. In order to combat his spending habits, I have devised a plan that seems to be working. This is how we are confronting this head on, and why it works.

Only carry $20 at a time

My husband has a tendency to spend all of the cash he keeps on hand. To combat this issue, he carries $20 a day with him. That is enough money to buy what he needs and still have money left over. On days he needs gas for the truck, he takes a little more cash with him to cover that expense. This system works out well because I can track his spending and not have to worry about where our money went at the end of the week. The same rule applies for me when I go out with girlfriends or run errands. I only take $20 with me and leave the credit cards at home.

Talk about big purchases

We have to discuss every purchase we make that is considered "big," or is more than $50. This is to prevent my husband from coming home with random gadgets. He has done that several times in the past, causing us to have to stretch our budget incredibly thin. Now that we both have to talk about what we want, it is easier to see why some of these things should not be purchased. It really has made a difference, and when we we do finally buy something, it is a feeling of accomplishment.

Weekly budget "meeting"

At the end of every week we sit down and talk about money. The receipts my husband has collected from purchases are all laid out and tallied. We also pull the money out we have left and figure out where we stand. This took some getting used to for him, but once it was implemented, things got significantly easier to budget. Now everything is physically being seen, my husband can deal with the issues head on.

These simple things have helped us cope with my husband's spending issues. It was amazing to see the changes that happened after a few rules were put into place.

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