First Person: When it Comes to Saving Money on Technology I’m First in Line for the Leftovers

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Technology is a wonderful thing and it really does make my life a lot easier. As a matter of fact, I can say that I am a technological junkie. However, if there is one thing I enjoy more than technology, it's saving money. So, in order to save money in the manner I like as well as enjoy the latest in technological advances, I'm always sure to be the first in line, for the technology leftovers.

New Release Means Savings for Me

I'm always amazed to see how many people will actually camp out when the latest smartphone or other technological wonder comes out. I've seen reports of people waiting an entire weekend just to be the first ones to have some new tech item that doesn't do much more, if anything at all, than the previous version. While I don't understand that enthusiasm, I do share it. Whenever the latest and greatest tech item comes out that means the previous latest and greatest just became undesirable, but not to me.

Smart Move on a Smartphone

Take, for example, my smartphone. Even though it was barely a year old a new version of the phone came out. So, when all the other people were waiting in line to get the new version, I was scouring the classifieds looking to buy what they suddenly wanted to get rid of, the now old version. The end result was me getting a cutting edge phone - just under one year old - only I didn't pay the $320 it cost when new. Instead, I found a desperate seller and paid them $160 for the phone which was in mint condition. That saved me 50 percent and I got the smartphone I was after.

Merry Christmas in January

Last Christmas I wanted a new television for the master bedroom. I didn't just want any television though, I wanted the top of the line 1080 HD television with all the bells and whistles. The particular model I had my eye on was $400. But, instead of my wife and me going out and getting the television as a Christmas gift to each other, I waited for a sale. Our waiting paid off as just a couple of weeks later the store had a sale and we got the television we wanted for only $320, a 20 percent savings.

Patience and Compromise Pays Off

My smartphone and television are only two examples of how I save money in regards to technology. What I have found is that with a little bit of patience and a little bit of compromise, I am able to get my fill of the latest technology and still save money overall. For me, living in a technological, yet frugal, state of being is truly the best of both worlds, even if it means I have to deal with technology leftovers.

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