First Person: Coupon Savings You Can Benefit From

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Using coupons and promo codes are the best way to save money when shopping. Since my interview last year with Dan and Jennifer Fulbright of Kalamazoo Michigan, I have used the skills I learned from their saving habits and been able to save hundreds of dollars by using coupons while shopping.

I decided to interview a few other friends to see how they are using coupons to save. When asked if she thought it was worth the time and effort to get and use the coupons, Jameal Henry of Springfield Ohio answered " Yes definitely worth it. The savings can be incredible. I've had trips where i actually received money back ".

So where do you look for coupons? I find many of my own in the local Sunday paper that arrives at my house. Others find them online " My biggest suggestion would be to have patience and to find a good site like and it will help you find the deals and the coupons to go along " says Henry.

I also load additional discounts onto my Kroger card. By doing this, I am able to get money off of my groceries by loading virtual coupons onto my card. I am also able to take advantage of their 10 for 10 deal when it's available, where I get ten items for ten dollars, or any of those items on that list for only one dollar verses it's original price.

Shannon George of South Vienna Ohio said " I usually save between 60-75%. My last shopping trip, the retail value was $165 and I only spent $56 ." When I asked her if she had suggestions for others, she stated " I would suggest starting off small, don't try to achieve 100% savings the first trip, so you don't get discouraged. "

Printing coupons is a great idea and will help you save money directly from the manufacturer's websites online. I always remember however to use a coupon for my printer ink, so that I save on that as well.

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