First Person: Cutting Out 3 'Luxuries' Will Save Our Family $2,000 a Year

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After a few financially trying months, we have decided to eliminate some expenses that are considered "luxuries" and aren't needed for everyday life. The last three months have been the hardest, and it looks like there is no end in sight. After sitting down with the family and discussing needs versus wants, we discovered there are three things we can cut out of our lives for good. These are the things we are getting rid of, and how much it will save us.

Cable television

Right now the bundle we are paying for is absolutely ridiculous. Before moving in here, we had very basic cable and ended up giving that up as well. Now we have all decided to go back to network television only. Making this decision will save us $100 a month without sacrificing anything at all. There are many places on the Internet that offer airings of cable shows and movies. We have to keep the Internet for work purposes, but the cable is out the door.

The backyard pool

After the accident my in-laws had a few months ago, we realized how much of a hassle having the pool really was. After some thought, everyone agreed to get rid of it by next summer. It was costing $30 a month to maintain the pool with the proper chemicals, which came out to $120 for the four months it was open. Also, the water and the electricity used to run the pump were a little much. The utility total saved is around $70 a month, or $280 for the four months of usage. That is a $400 savings over one-third of the year, not including what the profit would be from selling the pool itself.

Home phone

Everyone in the house has their own cell phone. The home line costs around $40 a month to have, and it is rarely used. There are one or two people that call the house looking for one of us, but in general it is mostly solicitors. Giving this up will free up $40 a month and get rid of the annoying phone calls that come starting very early in the morning.

It is the plan to give all this up come January 1, and if we do, there will be a decent savings for the year. Right now money is tight, and freeing up anything extra is a bonus. After all is said and done, there will be a total savings of $2080. That is a large sum of money for a struggling household. The best part about this is, no one will miss anything we are giving up.

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