First Person: Dealing With Unwanted Christmas Gifts

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It's inevitable. "Moi" gets a slew of whacky gifts from friend and family during the holidays. I travel a lot so I already collect unusual items for my home, like the crab in glass from Bermuda or the seashell clock from Antigua. My bookshelves make good display cases for fossils, arrowheads and whatever items I find on my many hikes. I guess my love for the unusual makes my family uncomfortable buying for me. For Christmas, I always get sometimes weird, sometimes wonderful items that I'm sure I'd never buy myself or even display. This past holiday was no exception.

This year, I've got six gifts that need a new home. I can't handle anymore clutter! Here's my strategy for dealing with these unwanted gifts.

I'm returning gifts with receipts. That's my first order of business! Thank you to gift givers who include a receipt in the box. I'm allergic to mohair so I'll be taking that sweater back, sorry. And I have no use for an orange Buddha piggy bank. If I get the receipt price without a restocking fee, I'll pocket $75. Very much needed after the holidays!

I'm selling a few things on eBay. I don't need a Dead Mouse helmet that lights up and plays music. (You have to see it to believe it.) I'll be discreetly putting these items on eBay or another selling site. I thought about having a yard sale but I'm afraid my loved one would show up and bust me. If I get what I'm asking for, I'll have an extra $100.

I'm donating a few things. The crystal candy dish was a nice gift but I have three already. I'm taking the unneeded gifts to the Salvation Army. I'm sure they could sell them for a nice price. If I had to confess to my friend, I'm sure she'd appreciate that at least I didn't toss it out.

Yep, I'm regifting. I admit that I hate it when others do that to my gifts but I'm going to work it so they don't get the same treatment. I've created a regifting spreadsheet to help me avoid those embarrassing gifting situations. In the cells, I wrote who gave the gift, what the gift is and why I received it. That way I don't cross gift.

With my plan, I'll pocket almost $200, pay it forward to a worthy charity and knock a few gifts out of the way for upcoming birthdays. Total savings? About $300!

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