First Person: My Dental Emergency Led Me to Suprisingly Affordable Insurance Plans

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The financial aspect of being unemployed or self-employed carries high stakes, but with the right knowledge health emergencies don't have to break the bank. Eliminate that additional stress and worry of not having insurance. Prepare now so your medical and dental problems don't blind side your bank account.

There is reasonable insurance for unemployed and self-employed

Having medical and dental insurance was a luxury for me, not a necessity in my budget because I am a single mom that is self-employed. I continued to put off getting insurance because I was young and could go without, and also because I needed the funds available for non-health related emergencies. With this mindset, I eventually found myself hysterically looking for insurance when I had a dental emergency. Needing work done within days, I called every low-income clinic only to be rejected because of income, or because I wasn't pregnant or diabetic. It didn't matter than I still couldn't afford health insurance, or a private provider. My income hit that middle ground where I was basically "screwed". This was so frustrating for me, so I continued doing research until I found a dentist that offered a "package" deal for dental emergencies, and great prices for check-ups. This package included my exam, x-rays, and a filling. The dentist also offered me dental insurance for one year with him for $228. Twenty bucks a month sure beats $200 a month a private insurance company would charge me.

Instead of fretting about the high costs of insurance, call some dentist's in your city to see what packages are available for uninsured patients. Some offer a sliding scale based on your income as well. These dentists are not state-run, but understand that there are people who don't work for a major corporation that offers insurance.

Health Insurance

After suffering a dental emergency, I realized how fast and unexpectedly a medical emergency could happen. This has motivated me to find some sort of insurance so I am not turned down by free clinics, or left with unmanageable bills. In addition, starting in 2014, ObamaCare will take effect. If I don't have health insurance by 2014, then I will be penalized on my taxes.

By doing some research and comparing many quotes, I found that some companies do offer plans for $30-$60 per month with a $35 dollar co-pay. I am probably wasting $30 a month on unhealthy items like coffee that I could cut out for some health insurance. For those that are unemployed, or have a very small income, there is always state health insurance. If you do have income it probably won't be free, but they offer plans at unbeatable prices for visits and prescriptions.

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