First Person: Ditching My DIY Beauty Treatments Costs Me $1,110 a Year

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Despite the potential savings, I've decided to give up my do-it-yourself beauty regimen, and have begun to splurge on professional beauty treatments.

I'm a fairly frugal person who loves to find ways to save money on everyday things; however, there are times when I believe its necessary to splurge on things even when you don't "need" them to live. Until recently I took care of most of my basic beauty treatments myself. I found that doing things like coloring my hair or giving myself manicures and pedicures was cheaper than having a professional do them for me, so that's the route I took. I was able to save quite a bit of money this way, but in the end I gave up.

Here are three beauty treatments I'm splurging on, and what they are costing me each month.

Hair color

I've always colored my own hair because it's cheaper, and I thought the results were close to the same. As it turns out I was wrong. After paying a professional to color my hair and seeing the results, I've decided this is one beauty treatment that is worth the additional cost. I was spending around $120 to color my hair six times a year. Now I'm spending $35 a month, which means I'm spending an extra $300 a year.


Manicures aren't something that I used to do a lot even when I was doing them at home. There were times I would go months without even painting my nails. However, I recently tried a gel manicure and fell in love with the look. I was spending less than $20 a year on my nails before, and now I'm spending around $25 a month, which means I'm spending about $300 a year.

Hair cuts

I've never been on who was willing to attempt to cut my own hair, so this having my hair cut professionally isn't exactly a new expense. However, I am spending more now than every before. Two months ago I decided to take on a brand new hairstyle, and the style I chose requires a skilled hairstylist and constant upkeep. I'm not require to have my hair cut every four weeks, and my new stylist is costing me more than ever before. On the past I was spending around $15 every six or so weeks, now I'm spending $30 every 4 weeks. So, I went from spending around $135 a year to spending close to $390 a year, that's a $255 difference.

Ditching my DIY beauty treatments raised my yearly cost from $275 to around $1,110 a year.

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