First Person: DIY Home Repairs Saved Us $230

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Saving money is always a good thing, but sometimes the savings aren't worth the problems you will have in the future. My husband is a fairly handy man and I have been known to patch a few holes in the wall myself, but we are not anywhere near a professional level on home repairs. Still, there are some home repairs we can do on our own in order to save money. These are the repairs we have done and what we have saved by doing them ourselves instead of hiring a professional.

Basic Plumbing issues

We live in a house where there are nine people, three bathrooms, and at least five separate sinks. Occasionally something will be flushed down the toilet that should not have been, it just happens when you have small children. The kitchen sink works the same way and food often gets stuck in the pipes. Twice my husband has had to snake the pipes, once in the kitchen and once in the main bathroom. Each time the cost for renting the snake was around $30. If we would have called a plumber it would have cost at least $75 each time, which is the base price for the company we use. My husband saved us at least $90, if not more.

Fixing holes in the walls and painting

While a professional paint job would be nice, it just doesn't make sense. I have practice in patching holes put in walls from hanging things and other various incidents that have happened over the years. The supplies I need cost just $13, and they last quite some time. My husband and I recently painted our boys' room blue, and did it ourselves. I had a painter estimate the cost and it came to right around $200, which included the work for patching. While that is not horrible, we were able to do it for just under $60. That saved us $140 and the room looks amazing.

While these things are minor home repairs, they could have easily cost us a fortune. If we would have hired others to do the job, we would have spent at least $350. By having basic knowledge, we were able to get the job done ourselves and save $230. In the future we hope to incorporate more knowledge and hands-on work into the home, and also save money while doing it.

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