First Person: DIY Household Improvements Saved Us Almost $1800

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According to Forbes, in 2013, home improvement projects were "on the rise" and "7 percent fewer people than last year say they are delaying home design projects because of the economy." We are some of the fortunate ones who have a little more flexibility with our finances this year. Still, hiring professionals to make household improvements can be expensive. Although we could have used money from our savings on our most recent home upgrades, we decided to go the DIY route. In the end, redoing our floors and putting in closet doors saved us almost $1800.

DIY Flooring Saved Us $1500

When we moved into our home, we had professionals put new flooring into about 90 percent of the house. The majority of it was laminate. However, we put carpet into the bedrooms. For years, we wanted to put new laminate floors in our children's bedrooms. After all, when you have four pets, having carpet isn't the best idea. Yet, even though we wanted to upgrade, like many people, our finances were tight for years. However, that situation changed. With money in savings and a steady stream of income, we were ready to make some improvements. First, we went to the flooring store and learned that it would cost over $2000 to put new laminate into two bedrooms. As a result, we went to a discount floor store and found similar materials for $522. It cost about $2 per square foot. The flooring came with the pad attached so there weren't many additional products to purchase. We spent an additional $100 dollars for some tools, molding and a moisture barrier.

Closet Doors

In our master bedroom, we have a giant closet that spans the length of our entire wall. We haven't had doors on the closet for a long time. Thus, we purchased some simple six-panel hollow doors. We purchased four doors for $20 each. The doors were already primed and looked so nice we didn't even paint them. Several years ago, we were thinking about having a professional put in the doors and he gave me a bid of about $500. Thus, since my husband and his father did the labor, this DIY project saved us about $400.

Having Help Saved Us Even More

When it comes to DIY household projects, my husband and I aren't the most skilled. This is why it helps to have family and friends with the proper tools and know-how. For instance, my husband's father is a general contractor. Even though he doesn't install closets for a living, his overall knowledge helped us put in the closets. Furthermore, while he isn't a professional handyman, my husband's friend has done a lot of DIY home improvements to his own house. Thus, his know-how helped us put in the floors. In addition, knowing people with tools like a table saw and skill saw made this project much less expensive for us.

I'm very happy with our DIY home improvement projects. We saved a lot of money and our house looks so much better.

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