First Person: Our DIY Wedding Saved Us $1900

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Last year was a tumultuous time for my entire family. We had a new baby, got married, and my in-laws had a near fatal motorcycle all in the course of three months. When we decided to get married, I knew that it would not be an extravagant event. According to an article published on Yahoo Finance, the average couple spent $28,427 on their wedding and everything related to it. We spent a small fraction of that on our wedding and honeymoon, and still were able to have a memorable day. This is how we kept the cost down, and how much we saved.


Instead of the traditional catering most couples go for, we chose to make everything ourselves. My mother-in-law is a fantastic cook, and the food she made was delicious. To fix everything from the cake to the main meal, the cost was $300. That was incredibly affordable, and I know that my husband and I got an amazing deal. After researching prices, the average cost would have been close to $1500 for the same exact food and cake. We saved $1200 by doing it ourselves.


My dress wasn't actually a wedding dress, and that was perfectly okay with me. After having children before marriage, I was not dead set on wearing all white anyway. After checking out traditional dresses, the cheapest one I found was $350. My mother-in-law added me to a Facebook group where she saw a dress I might like. The seller was asking $20 for it, and it was originally $70. I offered her $10, and she took it. It was brand new with the tags, and it worked perfectly for what we needed it for. Being frugal and willing to go with an out of the box option saved me $340.


We didn't go all out for this at all. We got married in the backyard at my in-laws home, which is where we have always loved to be. My mother-in-law created a balloon arch for us to stand under, and there were some other balloons and streamers throughout the house and yard. All of the plates and utensils were bought at the dollar store. After everything was totaled, it was just under $40. If we would have went to a party store or had a professional make the arch, we would have been looking at close to $400, if not more. We saved $360 by shopping smart.

I am still astonished at the average price for a wedding in 2012 because our wedding didn't come close to being even a small fraction of $28,000. We spent $350 on food, the dress, and decorations and saved $1900 by doing things ourselves.

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