First Person: Downsizing Our Super Bowl Party is Saving Us $110

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My husband and I have hosted a Super Bowl party for the last five years. We usually have a few friends over and do a cook-off against one another. This year will be the first year we will be downsizing our celebration. Our budget is a little less complicated in 2013, but we have decided to sacrifice a few things in order to have more financial security. This is how much money we will save by downsizing our Super Bowl Party, and what we will do with the savings.

The decorations

We would always go all out when it came to decorating. Themed cups, plates, and utensils were key, especially because we offered a set for each team playing in the game. There would also be table clothes and some actual decorative items like bowls and streamers featuring our pick for the game. Last year I spent $30 on decorations alone, and that was just for hosting 12 people. This year I bought all plain-colored items, and only spent $5 on decorations.


From finger foods to the main course, a lot of time and money went in to the preparation. Each year we have cooked different foods, and last year was chili. My husband and I both cooked our own version and offered it up to our guests for the deciding vote. For all the food and drinks last year, we spent $100. That was not including liquor, which was brought by the guests if they wanted it. This year we are just going to have soda and pizza for the big game. I plan to have chips and dips available during the pre-game happenings. After everything is ordered and bought, we will be spending approximately $50.

Party Favors

Who doesn't love a party that offers gifts to take home? I have always made something to give to our guests. Sometimes it will be edible and other times it has been a decorative piece. The Super Bowl party favors were always football shaped plastic dishes with some sort of candy or decorative mix in them. It always costs about $35 to purchase the supplies including the dishes, the filling, and packaging. We will only be hosting two other individuals, so I can skip the favors this year. There is no need to go all out for something as small as our gathering will be.

This year we are going to stay low-key and make the Super Bowl a small family and close friends event. We just don't have the extra money to spend on throwing a party when we are planning to buy a house. By downsizing our event and making it more homely, we are saving $110.

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