First Person: Easy Jobs for the Stay-At-Home Mom

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Earning money in this economy is hard, yet necessary. I've found that being a stay-at-home mom is extremely amazing, but also tough on finances with only one income. To help out my family I've looked into a few different jobs that are fairly easy and manageable while still being somewhat of a stay-at-home mom. Here are a few of the options I've found.

Newspaper Carrier

This is a job that I am considering because it would fit into my family's preexisting schedule. Jumping into my car early in the morning (with a cup of coffee) would be easy enough. The benefit of being an independent newspaper carrier is that I could load up my four month old and take him along. A few hours everyday is worth it for a little extra income.

Independent Sales Rep

There are many corporations (i.e. Miche, Park Lane Jewels, Avon, etc.) that let you buy in to their product. I've had many meetings with different companies to see which offer the best percentages and benefits. Although I would have to spend money to join one of these, if I worked hard and kept at it I would earn what I'd spent back and then some. I like this option because I would be my own boss and my pay would be based off of my own time and determination.


I love crafting. It is a hobby that I've recently tried to earn money in. I spend money on my materials, but if I sell something mark it up in order to earn. For instance, I recently made a necklace that I spent $10 on for materials. Considering my time and the money I already spent, I marked it up to $20. As long as what I make is quality I am proud to sell it. Etsy, along with other websites, lets me post my items online for a larger audience. They charge minimal amounts to host the images and charge only a small percentage per items sold.

Online Surveys

I just started looking into surveys this evening. I would have never believed that you could actually earn money, but I've found that I was wrong. I joined FusionCash tonight and I've already earned $8. No, the money isn't in my account at the moment. With sites like this there is a limited amount of earnings before they will deposit into your account or send a check. However, I am fine with getting a once a month paycheck for something that requires nothing more than sitting on my couch answering questions.

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