First Person: I Can Eat All Day for Less Than the Cost of a Fast Food Lunch

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The average cost of a fast food lunch is $7. I can eat three meals a day and a snack along with drinks for $5.50, and I'm not starving myself. On a typical day, I eat four potatoes, one egg, four pieces of toast, eight ounces of smoked sausage, one chicken breast, a can of green beans, and broccoli along with a 2-liter of soda and two pots of coffee.


My breakfasts consist of two pieces of toast, one potato, and one egg. I can buy bread for $1 at the Dollar Store. I can buy eggs for $1.29 at Aldis, and I can typically buy a ten pound bag of potatoes for $4.99 at any grocery store. There are 16 slices of bread in a loaf for a per slice price of 6 cents. At $1.29, one egg is 11 cents, and a potato is anywhere from six to eight ounces for a per potato cost of 23 cents. My average daily breakfast costs me 46 cents.


For lunch, I like to have one chicken breast, one cup of broccoli, and half a cup of rice. I can usually find chicken for $1.99 a pound, and a pack of four chicken breasts is typically $3.89. I can buy a 12 ounce frozen broccoli for $1.18 with three one cup servings, and I can buy a 16 ounce bag of rice for .82 cents with five half cup servings. My typical lunch costs me $1.52.


My typical dinner consists of eight ounces of smoked sausage, three boiled potatoes, and a can of green beans. I can buy smoked sausage for $1.39 a pound, and a can of green beans for .60 cents. Along with my potato calculations earlier, my dinners cost me $1.99

Bedtime Snack

Since I can't sleep if I'm hungry, and I tend to go to bed six to eight hours after dinner, I like to have a bedtime snack. My bedtime snack consists of two pieces of toast and a tablespoon of butter. I can buy butter for .95 a pound. Each pound of butter contains 32 tablespoons of butter for a per tablespoon cost of 3 cents. My bedtime snack costs me 15 cents.


I drink two posts of coffee and a two liter of generic soda all day. I can buy a small can of coffee for $2.50 which contains 90 servings. Each of my pots is about 10 cups for a per pot cost of 27 cents. I also buy generic 2-liters for 84 cents. This means I spend $1.38 for drinks all day.

For an entire day of food, I spend $5.50. The typical fast food meal consisting of a hamburger, Coke, and fries costs about $7. By eating at home, I can eat three meals and a snack for $1.50 less than the typical fast food lunch.


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