First Person: Ending My Love Affair With Satellite TV

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I'm a little ashamed to admit that I have had a long time love affair with satellite TV. We spent countless hours together, the dish and I. It was so enticing that the basic services just weren't enough. I kept adding channels. With the premium package plus multiple dates with on demand I experienced new levels of viewing ecstasy. This affair was passionate, out of control, and it was costing me time and money, big money. It had to stop. With my budget getting tighter I made the decision to end my toxic romance. I cancelled my satellite subscription.

Leaving the dish behind didn't mean that I had to totally give up my viewing pleasure. At first I found solace with the typical rebound picks; Redbox and Netflix filled the emptiness. Though far cheaper, they were still costing me and the wait time and limited selection left me unsatisfied. So I dumped them too. I wanted the perfect match of huge selection, instant viewing, and cheap pricing. Internet streaming would provide my solution and grant me the perfect viewing relationships. That's right for those seeking the ultimate in low cost viewing I have found that it's best to let go of all notions of monogamy. Free viewing requires that you date around.

My first viewing partner was found as I attempted to get my Doctor Who fix. EPCTV.COM provided me with a huge selection of my favorite satellite channels (including several BBC offerings). They also offer many interesting little stations from all around the globe. Though has many viewing options it can sometimes be a bit frustrating to use. As with many free sites there are several advertising popups designed to look like normal parts of the site. Also there are times when listed stations are unavailable for viewing. Even still I find that for a free site it offers enough television accessibility to be worth the small hiccups. Another favorite is This site is my go to for old and new series favorites. Plus it is a great source for children's programming. Because this site is viewer supplied I always make sure that my malware protection is fully operational before visiting. Buffering times at can be a bit excessive as well, but, the large viewing selection keeps it on my favorite list.

A major concern with no longer being hooked up with dish is being out of touch with daily news and happenings. I like to know what's going on locally and globally. Luckily, I quickly found that this was the easiest area to replace. The online streaming news choices are too numerous to list, but, here are a few of my go to spots for accurate, reliable, and of course free offerings.

Yahoo News

PBS NewsHour

BBC News

News 4 Jax

With each new discovery of an online solution to my viewing needs the better I felt about letting go of dish. How had I stayed in such a one-sided relationship so long? I have truly found that with online viewing options the need to pay for satellite/cable television is really obsolete. Just the other day a representative from my old dish provider stopped by hawking deals. With hearty laughter I explained to him that I would never pay to watch television again. Breaking up with the dish saves me $117 dollars a month. My new love affair with free online options is thriving!

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