First Person: Entertainment Without Cable Television

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It's almost standard that in the world today, you can find in every American home some sort of entertainment such as satellite television or cable. My home however doesn't have either. We do watch movies, play games and work online but we do it in other ways that still meet our needs.

Having a game console can be a great idea for many reasons! My family owns a Wii system. We don't just use this console to play video games, although it is very handy for entertainment! Netflix is by far our most used app on this system. We pay a small fee of $7.99 monthly for this program. We use it to watch our favorite television shows and movies, anytime of the day.

Another way we watch our favorite television is by going online with our PC. The popular website called Zap2It is one we use to watch television shows such as " The Walking Dead " that are new and airing locally.

To keep up with the news we simply check it by our local News Center's website. Facebook is another great way to keep up to date with what's happening locally. By liking their fan page, we're able to get updates immediately, sometimes faster than what they update their website for.

Another way we get fast updates is by an app on our droid cell phones called Simple Weather Alert . This alert shouldn't be a dependent for weather alerts, however it has never failed us for dangerous weather and has been faster at times for alerts than even the local news itself. This app is free of charge to use.

For music we don't use a channel specifically for different genres, we use instead Spotify on our PC. Spotify is an app that we download, where we can create a playlist or use one already made from another member. As long as it is available on the app, we are able to listen to it for free.

As these are only some of the ways we choose to live life without having to go through the local cable company, there are many things we do outside of the home for entertainment as well. Many local parks are free host concerts. Local museums such as the Boonshoft Museum in Dayton, Ohio hold events all throughout the year that is fun for the entire family.

By doing these simple things, my family saves on average one hundred dollars a month and can invest that into other funds needed such as school activities. Although this lifestyle doesn't meet the requirements of every family, maybe the next time you review your cable bill you will take our suggestions into consideration for your own adventure into a life without cable television.

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