First Person: Financial Considerations of Having a Baby…the Second Time Around

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For us, there was a huge difference in the amount of attention and gifts we had lavished upon us for our first child as compared to with our second. The first time around, I didn't realize just how lucky we were. There were baby showers, gifts from friends and family, and the general excitement that comes with a new baby and a first grandchild. The second time around, it was a whole different story. Now I'm not saying that the same people didn't care as much as they did the first time, but as you might expect, the level of excitement and support was a bit less with baby number two.

Getting Everything the First Time, Getting Nothing the Second

As we go through the baby preparation process the second time around, we realize just how lucky we were and how much money we saved by way of gifts from others for our first child. We got things like a baby swing, baby furniture, clothes, diapers, a breast pump, baby bathtub, bottles, and all sorts of other supplies that we now realize were worth thousands of dollars in the form of gifts from our baby shower and friends and family.

The second time around though there was no baby shower and almost no gifts, this meant that it was up to us to cover the costs of anything we needed in the way of supplies for our newborn. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, it's a simple fact, and it's something to consider for those contemplating a second child (especially if they have gotten rid of much of their previous baby supplies or are having a child of the opposite sex) as it can significantly increase costs.

Leftovers can be Huge

There is over a five year gap between our first child and second, but I'm certainly glad we held onto many of the baby supplies from our first. Doing so has ended up saving us hundreds of dollars in the process. With little in the way of gifts for our second child, it means that having held onto items such as our crib, changing table, bedding, bottles, toys, and similar items has paid off big time. In fact, our baby preparation costs have so far have only run about $350, and much of this cost was for a new baby swing ($100) since our old one broke, and a new playard ($50) since our old one had also seen better days.

Knowing about Store Brands, Refills, and other Cost Cutting Options

As we finalize preparations for baby number two, we feel much more confident as to how to cut or keep costs low when it comes to the regular baby supplies we need. Things like wipes, diapers, formula, powder, and the likes can have baby costs running high. However, we realized that for our needs, doing things like buying store brands, buying refills for things like baby wipes rather than buying brand new containers, sharing supplies with friends who may be between children or are done having babies, and buying resale for many baby clothing needs can reduce costs significantly. In fact, I recently wrote an article about how such tactics saved us nearly $1,000 with baby number one and will hopefully do the same or more with baby number two.

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