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Refrigerators, stoves and range hoods are ridiculously expensive. I should know. My house did not come with any kitchen appliances. I needed a gas stove, a range hood and a refrigerator. I planned to spend $250 on a refrigerator, $250 on a stove and $100 on a range hood. I set those budget goals before I started looking for appliances and received the sticker shock of a lifetime. Refrigerators were $500 without delivery. A gas stove would set me back $600, and a range hood to suck out any poisonous gases would cost me $200. I immediately realized I had a problem. New appliances were not in my budget.


After analyzing my situation, I realized I needed a refrigerator immediately. Without one, I would not be able to keep my food cold. The alternative was going to the store right before I cooked each meal or buying food that did not need refrigerated. Neither of those solutions were viable, so I started looking for sales.

After searching numerous appliance websites, I found a refrigerator for $488, marked down by $75 at Best Buy. They were also offering free delivery, which saved me another $60. I decided to purchase it. It was a savings of $135.

Outlet Stores

I initially gave up on buying a stove and a hood. I didn't have $700, and it would be months before I had that kind of money. I had decided to use a single burner hotplate and a griddle for the foreseeable future.

On a whim, I walked into a Sears Outlet Store just to browse their scratch and dent inventory. I found a gas stove for $389 and a microwave hood for $139 for a grand total of $528. It was a $172 savings. I decided to purchase both of them.

Store Credit Cards

I'm not a big fan of credit cards, but store credit cards can include some very nice perks, including zero percent financing, free delivery and instant discounts just for using the card. At the Best Buy store, individuals who owned a Best Buy card could finance appliances at 0 percent for 12 months and get free delivery with every purchase. At the Sears Outlet, card holders had their choice of $15 off and 0 percent financing or 15 percent off the entire purchase.

Buy Multiple Appliances At Once

Since I decided to buy two appliances at the Sears Outlet store, I was granted an additional $25 off my purchase price, which brought the total before tax down to $503. With tax, the total for both appliances was $540.

Borrow A Truck

To get my new stove and microwave hood home, I borrowed my brother's truck. The Sears Outlet wanted to charge me $80 to deliver the items. That would have negated most of my savings, so I opted to pick-up my appliances myself.

All in all, I bought over $1,400 worth of appliances for just over $1,000.

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