First Person: A Fitter Lifestyle Helped My Family Save $100 a Month

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After a drastic lifestyle change six months ago, I was able to get my family and finances back on track. In deciding to get fit, we began to save around $100 a month. Everything from our grocery bill to entertainment budget was able to be scaled back. This is how my journey to a fitter mom helped shape our budget and allowed us to be able to save more money.


When summer came, we spent more time outside. Because of where we live, we can swim at the beach for free . Instead of spending $10 to take the kids to play at McDonalds, we were able to get exercise and have fun. We chose to shave $30 off our monthly entertainment budget and put it away towards savings. This was the easiest change we made as a family.

Grocery Shopping

In the quest to get fit, I had to change how I was feeding my family. After working on what to cook and how to do it, I began making monthly meal plans. I would copy and paste everything into a neat calendar and then make my grocery list. I was able to replace a lot of meat with vegetarian options. This not only helped cut the cost, but also helped my family get the nutrition we were lacking. We also planted and grew a small garden, which allowed us to cut back on buying produce. I have successfully cut my grocery bill by $40 a month for three consecutive months, even with the price of produce rising.


Sitting around was a huge part of our lives. We would watch countless hours of television and keep the lights on until the early morning hours. After choosing to better my life, I began taking the kids out to play during the day more. If it rained, we would stay inside but find other things to do. I unplug from the world three full days a week now. I have seen a drop in my electric bill and gas bill. The savings totals $30 a month.

Deciding to change my lifestyle was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only has it improved my health, but it has allowed us to cut back and save more money. Saving $100 a month may not seem like a lot to some, but for a family of four it is a significant improvement.

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