First Person: Four Things My Family Splurges On

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Most people I know have things they splurge on. It may be a weekly professional car wash or manicure. They may spend $4 a day on coffee. Others save their money to splurge on a vacation or latest tech gadget. When it comes to indulging, my family splurges on these four things.

Organic Food

People often comment that organic food is "so expensive." It is pricey. However, it's not much pricier than having a loaded cable package, gardener and daily coffee habit. We have cut back in these other areas so that we can have healthier food. Recently, our bill has increased because we have been eating more kale and fish but less carbohydrates like bread and pasta. Yet, in keeping with my New Year's resolution, I have been trying to buy more food on sale. As a result, we spend about $175 a week on food for four people. Since we spend so much money on food, we rarely go out to eat.

Car Seats

I think car safety is very important. Recently, we purchased a $160 convertible car seat for my one-year-old son. We got the car seat on sale for almost $40 off the original price. This may seem expensive. However, the car seat has great side impact protection, comfortable straps that don't twist and nice material. Since it is a convertible car seat, I figure it will last him about four years. I realize the most important part of car safety is correct installation. However, I feel better when my kids are in top-rated car seats. To balance this splurge, I buy diapers in bulk and sell back clothing to a resale shop.

Natural Hand Soap

I know I can clip a coupon and probably get some hand soap for less than a dollar. However, a lot of those inexpensive soaps contain harsh sulfates and chemicals that are possible carcinogens. Instead, I buy a natural soap that is $5.99 for 28 ounces. I can get twice as much of the "standard" soap for around $8.00. This may seem like a waste of money to some. However for me, it's worth a few more dollars to buy a gentler, chemical-free soap. To compensate for this splurge, I buy refills on these products and use cash back programs to put money back in my pocket.

Our Animals

By definition, some may say our animals are spoiled. We spend about $3000 a year to make sure our animals receive preventative health care like vaccinations and good food. My one cat is on a raw food diet that costs about $600 a year just for him. I don't spend money on any animal clothing or spa services, but I do make sure they are well taken care of.

We may spend a little extra on certain products. However, these splurges have forced us to pinch pennies in other areas. In the end, it all balances itself out.

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