First Person: Full Retirement Will Never Happen for Me

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I don't think a full retirement like the ones previous generations once knew will ever happen for me. With the way the economy is progressing, the fiscal irresponsibility of our government, instability of Social Security and Medicare programs, no pension, and a pitiful retirement account, I don't see it being feasible that I ever fully retire. But in a way, that's fine with me, here's why.

Continued Security and Wealth Creation

For me, continuing to work in retirement is a great hedge against things like inflation, increased health care costs, and similar unexpected costs that can come with old age. And if nothing else, continuing to work at least part-time -- even if I'm not using this money for those unforeseen costs -- could be a great way to continue to build wealth, not only for us, but for our children upon our passing. I'm sure they'd appreciate it.

Considering we brought the kids into this jacked-up world, we might as well try to leave them something to help them deal with it upon our passing. So either way, I look at continuing to work and hopefully build wealth in retirement as a bonus for our descendants.


I love being productive. And being productive earning money means I'm not out spending money on other things. Some people retire with no real interests or hobbies, or if they do have a few items on their retirement to-do list, those items could end up costing money rather than making it.

As they say, "a rolling stone gathers no moss", and I hope that continuing to stay productive in retirement keeps me healthier -- both mentally and physically -- and keeps me from other activities that I would have to pay to do rather than vice versa. My grandfather set the example for me in this area, continuing to work at least part-time up close until his death at age 92.

Learning and Staying Relevant

I love my work as a writer because it constantly has me learning new things. From reading articles and books to learn more about certain topics and subject matter, to improving my mental capacities through writing, my work keeps my mentally active. Beyond this though, is the fact that it helps me stay on top of current trends and what's happening in the world. While this doesn't necessarily mean I adhere to all those trends, I'm at least knowledgeable about them and have the understanding of topics well enough to stay relevant in many fields regardless of whether I need to or not.

Reduced Dependence upon Retirement Savings

By working at least part-time in retirement, I will hopefully be able to reduce our dependence upon retirement savings. I look at this as a positive on multiple fronts. First off, it can increase our financial security by being able to live more off of income than retirement savings. Second, this will hopefully allow our retirement investments to continue to grow. And finally, as I mentioned earlier, by being able to live without touching as much of our retirement savings, we will hopefully be able to leave our children more financially secure after we pass.

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