First Person: Gas Prices Are Hurting My Budget

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Gas prices are going up again, and this is getting a little old. Blame gets passed around, but from the standpoint of a consumer, it doesn't really matter whether it is a general supply issue or a refinery problem. The problem is that gas continues to be an expensive part of America's budget. When you live in a city like Los Angeles, there is no way to avoid driving. Public transportation options are minimal, and many of the distances are too far to cover on foot or a bicycle. There is an audible groan every time I go to the pump because gas prices are seriously hurting my budget.

Quick! To the station!

We have had this occur before. There will be news that gas prices are going to going up very soon. After all, why would the gas companies try to absorb some of the cost increases associated with the industry? Since we are addicted to gas, corporations can simply pass the increase onto the consumer and there is nothing that people can do. Truthfully, what do we do? We run to the gas station in order to get that last tank of gas before the next price bump. The lines are long at my favorite station, but there is no choice. Money must be saved.

A wide disparity

I'm sure this will be different tomorrow. When I last went to my favorite gas pump at the local warehouse store, the price was $3.77 per gallon. I expect it will go up. What is interesting in my area of Los Angeles is that prices can be drastically different. There is actually a station right near my house that is much more convenient. However, the gas is $4.39 per gallon at that station. How is it that gas can be 62 cents different between stations that are less than two miles apart? If I get 14 gallons, that is a difference of $8.68 in one fill-up.

Can't something be done?

This continues to be frustrating. Can't something be done? A little corporate compassion for the struggling American consumer? A government cap on gas prices or a few less taxes? Could someone develop a solar car? The gas is expensive, but I can't afford to replace my car with a more fuel-efficient car or an electric vehicle right now. Besides, the electric vehicle is not free to operate, lest people forget that you have to pay for electricity. Regardless, the gas prices continue to put a distracting number in the budget and it doesn't seem like this is ever going to get any better.

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