First Person: Getting Healthy Is Not Affecting My Finances

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Getting healthy is something I needed to do. I quit smoking a while back, and now I have jumped on the losing weight bandwagon as well. While some may believe it is too expensive to re-learn how to eat and to exercise, it really isn't. These are some ways I am improving my overall health, and what it is costing me.


I have decided that a membership to the local gym at $350 a year was too much for me to afford. I have been walking around our community every other night when the weather permits with my little guys. It helps me to get some extra activity and the kids get to enjoy being outside. The garage sale groups on Facebook are amazing, and I was able to purchase a used treadmill for just $100. The one I was considering buying was $300. I was able to avoid the gym membership and work out at home for a simple cost of $100. That is much better than the $650 I would have spent for the gym and treadmill.


Re-training yourself to eat the proper way isn't always easy, but it can be done. Our grocery bill has actually been cut each week because we are no longer buying things like chips and sodas, but instead are purchasing bottled water and whole grain crackers. In the last two weeks, we have saved $40 alone on the grocery bill, and still bought everything we needed. Making the smart choices is saving us money, not costing us it.

Not eating out

We have always struggled with this and even did a "no fast food" challenge a few months back. We saved $75 that month and it opened my eyes. Now that everyone is on board with getting healthy, it is much easier to avoid the temptation. Eating at some of the sandwich joints in the fast food world are still acceptable, but that is about the extent of it. In the last two weeks we have spent $12 eating out, and that is way down from previous months.

Getting healthier as a family is important for many reasons. Many people have the misconception that getting healthy entails spending an obnoxious amount of money. I have only spent around $120 total in our quest, and that was for one piece of necessary equipment. Being healthy is not costing me, it is benefiting me.

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