First Person: Habits of a Successful Retiree

Ted Sherman
Yahoo! Contributor Network
First Person: Habits of a Successful Retiree

I face it daily. At age 88, being retired for so many years is often challenging. My method of coping is to keep busy, both mentally and physically.

My Daily Habit Every morning I swim or hike for an hour. Then I attack blogging, my most energizing new routine. Actually, I've been a writer all my life, and made quite a good living at it in advertising and public relations. However, most was done on typewriters, and later on desktop computers before the internet explosion.

I Challenge Myself Returning to writing at this advanced age after nearly two idle retirement decades at first frightened me. Originally, my idea of a personal computer was that it was a glorified typewriter. Another disturbing aspect was that the transition to all electronic technology was so swift and ever evolving, I feared I couldn't hack it.

To create an active retirement, I attack the need for mental fitness as I fulfill physical conditioning. It requires work, stretching my mind as I do my body. I write from two to six articles daily for my senior travel blog,, using both my desktop computer and hand-held devices. I keep updated on all technical aspects of the internet, from instant news sites to social networks. This 88-year-old travel blogger now boasts over 1,000 Twitter followers on my Twitter page, @travel4seniors.

At my advanced age, it's often very challenging, but it's also a lot of fun.

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