First Person: I'm Still Not Confident in the Economy

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A new jobs report is out, and the numbers always provide a certain amount of mixed feelings. Jobs are lost, and jobs are added. This happens all the time. To be honest, it is hard to know what these numbers mean and how they should be interpreted by the average person. Certainly there are jobs out there, and people are getting hired. However, is the economy really moving in the right direction? As a consumer how should I absorb this sort of information? In general, jobs reports like these do not increase my confidence in the economy.

Feeling tentative

Can you put your finger on consumer confidence? I know there are a lot of indicators. Jobs. Spending. Manufacturing. Home buying. All point in a direction, I suppose. Can even the smartest economists give us some clear analysis? I suppose there are those that believe that they can read the signs. And yet, there is the overall "vibe" that is harder to pinpoint. I must say that I don't feel entirely comfortable with the economy, but am I supposed to? Is this the way life always is? So many questions without answers. Call it a subjective analysis, but the economy still feels unstable.

More cuts, fewer opportunities

When I look around, it just doesn't seem like there are tons of opportunities. It isn't like companies are hiring like crazy, or promoting their people quickly up the ladder. Anecdotally, you hear about companies eliminating positions and either consolidating or hiring people at lower salaries. I suppose some of this has gone on for a long time. Again, many people are doing just fine, but it feels like there could be more cuts right around the corner. Despite the growth in certain industries, it seems like we have a fickle stock market and an uneasy relationship between consumers and companies.

Thankful for what I have

The big picture can sometimes get out of focus. I have a job, and for that I am thankful. Nothing is guaranteed in life but I have worked hard to grow myself professionally and create opportunities for employment. I suppose that is all we can ask for in life sometimes. The jobs report this month is not terribly good news, but there will be another one next month. Maybe that report will get people a bit more excited.

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