First Person: How to Increase Brand Loyalty Through Social Media

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Social media has made business owners more "user-friendly." It gives your customers access to you in a way they could never have with traditional media. On a daily basis they get to peek in on your life and find out what's happening. While this might seem a little scary for some, as an Internet marketer I assure you it's an opportunity to cultivate a deeper relationship with your customers and increase brand loyalty. Through your blog and venues such as Facebook and Twitter, they get to see and bond with the human side of the entrepreneur.

What Your Clients and Prospects Want from You

Personal stories. What cool or interesting things have you experienced that you would share with friends? Are you taking a trip to the coast? Did your baby niece have a birthday? Sharing this new makes people feel like they are in your close "circle".

Pictures. If you snap a shot of something memorable, chances are it's catchy enough to grab the attention of your social media followers. Take pictures of people, architecture, products, and natural scenery - whatever makes a big impression.

Lessons learned from mistakes. This is huge. People can really relate to you when you screw up, because they've done it too. They will be very interested in hearing how you recovered and got back on track with your new wisdom.

Your opinions. This gives people greater insight into how you think. However, practice caution and remember you are creating a public image. Avoid offensive statements. Stay on the positive side of things.

Tidbits of knowledge. Do something every day to add value to yourself. Take a class, attend a lecture, read a book or watch a documentary. Share the information you glean from the experience with your audience. Lift their lives as you are lifting your own.

People you respect. Who are the people you consider your "mentors" in business, sports, leadership and life. Quote words they have spoken and excerpts from books they have authored.

Your shopping sprees. If you buy some interesting music, a fun toy, a new car or a piece of clothing that makes a fashion statement, let your fans know about it. It can result in a lengthy comment thread involving many people.

The work you do. Last but not least, share your thoughts on your business and product innovations. Include other areas of work you do, such as volunteer work, hobbies or your creative passions.

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