First Person: Kitchen Equipment Is Worth the Splurge

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When I'm shopping for something new I always try to find the best deal I can. I usually try to avoid name brands because they often cost more than other brands. However, I've learned the hard way that some things are just worth spending more for. I've found that many things I need for the kitchen are worth the extra money. Here are a few pieces of kitchen equipment that I splurge on.

Chef knives

For years I struggled in the kitchen, and a lot of my struggles seemed to stem from my knife work. Something as simple as slicing a tomato was frustrating because my knives never seemed to be sharp enough. My husband and I tried many different brands, and even tried to sharpen the ones we already owned, but nothing seemed to help. Then, my mother-in-law bought me a chef's knife that was more expensive than any we had ever purchased, and I was hooked. That knife made cutting things a breeze, and I vowed to never use a cheap knife again. My knives cost me around $30 a piece, which is still on the lower end for a chef's knife, but is around $20 more than the cheap ones I used to buy.

Pots and pans

My experience with pots and pans is much like my experience with knives. No matter how many I bought, I couldn't seem to find pots and pans that did what they promised, which was always fast, even cooking on a non-stick surface. I don't know why I expected something that only costs $30 to $50 to actually perform, but I did. It wasn't until I start buying higher priced pots and pans that I found some that did what they promised. My current set costs $130 for 12 pieces, and unless they stop manufacturing my brand I'll never buy another brand again.

Serving dishes

The reason I splurge on serving dishes has nothing to do with their quality, and everything to do with their presentation. I truly believe that what you serve your food on is as important as the food itself, so I don't shy away from the more expensive pieces. I could easily buy my serving dishes at a big-box store for $2 to $5 each, but they are very plain. I choose to shop at specialty shops where I spend between $15 to $20 per piece for much nicer pieces.

Whether it's for quality, performance, or just overall look, I believe it's okay to splurge on items that you use a lot. I could save at least $130 on these items by purchasing the cheaper versions, but in this case the savings isn't worth it to me.

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