First Person: I’m Collecting $54 a Month in Gift Cards From Online Reward Programs

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I'm a busy mom who works part time from home. Since we primarily live on my husband's income, I try to get gift cards so we can buy clothing and go out to eat once in a while. In the last few years, I have found out about a lot of apps and online rewards programs. Many of these programs give account holders gift cards in exchange for doing simple tasks like watching television or completing surveys. Currently, I'm collecting about $50 a month in gift cards from these reward programs.


Viggle is by far my most lucrative reward program. After downloading the free app onto my iPad, I could check into television programs, watch advertisements and play games to earn points. There are rules as to how many hours of TV one person can watch in a day. In general I get about 3,000 points a day and there are plenty of $5 gift cards for 10,000 points. Starbucks, Gap and CVS are just some of the choices. I have been using this program for several months and earn about $40 a month in gift cards. In my experience, these e-gift cards can be used online and also printed out to be used in stores. Typically, I will transfer the funds onto my tangible Starbucks card so I can keep all my money on one card.

Swagbucks is an easy way to earn some gift cards. This site has many different ways to earn points. I can watch video clips, take surveys and participate in daily polls for points. I can also use Swagbucks' personal search engine to win points. Using coupons, playing games and participating in tasks are a few more ways to earn. Right now, I am getting about $10 a month in gift cards. Everyday I watch a few videos, take the daily poll and do a few searches. I probably spend about 15 minutes a day on Swagbucks. I like the fact that some of the gift cards are in $5 increments, so it doesn't take long to earn a reward. Like Viggle, these are e-gift cards but can also be printed out.


I have been using e-rewards for years. Survey opportunities are emailed to me. I get "money" in my account for each survey I qualify for and complete. The surveys last between five and 30 minutes. There are many different types of rewards but I always choose a gift card. Currently, there are gift cards to American Eagle and I get about $50 in gift cards a year which is about $4 a month.

These sites will never replace your day job. However, it's nice to receive gift cards for doing simple tasks like watching television.

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