First Person: Making Baby Food Saves Me $200 a Month

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Once she started baby food my budget went out the window. At four months she was ready for jars of baby food. She could eat through 2 to 3 jars Earth's Best Organic Baby food a meal. One jar is about 2.5 ounces. At about $0.89 a jar, on sale, and about 5 meals a day with 6-7 ounces of food eaten per meal this came out to over $333 in just one month.

The next week I used websites such as iheartthemart, krazycouponlady, and livingrichwithcoupons. In general the coupons I found were about $1 off when you bought 3-4 jars and often they were for the more expensive options. Using coupons the next week the cost was over $120 for baby food. At five months she was still only eating about 35 ounces a day, but she spit up more because I was trying to feed her different brands and flavors than she was use to, because I had a coupon. I also ended up buying Gerber on the Go Organic Food two packs for $1.82 a pack to take traveling since often she didn't eat enough at normal feedings because she didn't like the variety at feeding time.

The solution was home made baby food. I looked at the blender options including Baby Bullet which was about $60, but researching it the Baby Bullet seemed to do nothing that a traditional blender or food processor could not do. I saved the $60 and use an immersion blender I already had. A Cruisinart Smart Stick Immersion Hand blender like mine is about $30 at the store. The advantage of this is that I can blend and make the baby food in the same cup I use to hold it as I am feeding her so no extra dishes to wash. Additionally it lets me make the food in a matter of minutes on demand so less wasted food.

Basically I take and steam fruits and vegetables until they are squishy squashy. I then store then in Tupperware containers in the refrigerator and when she is hungry I pull them out and let her point to her favorite. I put a small amount in a cup and use the immersion blender to turn it into a mush with smoothie like consistency and spoon feed her.

She eats about 5 meals a day taking in about 6-7 ounces of food each meal and usually only eating on thing at each meal. Therefore in two weeks I prepare about 70 meals for her. In the first two weeks of my homemade baby food experiment I bought a pumpkin for $5 that provided for 48 meals. I also purchase a 64 ounce bag of frozen peas which lasts about 10 meals and only costs about $3. Similarly I purchased 16 ounce bags of frozen carrots, corn, broccoli and zucchini each about $1 a bag so total cost is about $4 and these last about 9 meals. I then bought about two pounds of sweet potatoes for a cost of $1.80 and these lasted about 5 meals. This covered the first two weeks at a cost of only $72. The next two weeks I added in some butternut squash, potatoes, and banana each which cost about $0.23-0.40 a pound and I cut my food bill for the second two weeks down to $50. Total for the month was $120. Savings of over $200 compared to purchasing baby food jars.


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