First Person: Memorial Day Entertainment Options That Won’t Break the Bank

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Memorial Day weekend is a great weekend for spending some time with friends and family, hopefully enjoy some great weather, and maybe even get in some good outdoor time. Personally, since our family enjoys auto racing, it's also a big race weekend for us, making it an even more special occasion. However, in the process of celebrating the holiday, costs can start to add up.

Here are a few ways that we're able to enjoy the long Memorial Day weekend without breaking the bank.

A Big Race Weekend

Even for those who aren't big race fans, Memorial Day weekend offers some of the biggest names in racing at famed venues. These races are the biggest of the big, the grandest of the grand, we're talking Indianapolis, Monaco, Charlotte.

My Sunday on Memorial Day weekend is spent watching all the action on television. I'll start the morning with the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, spend the afternoon watching IndyCar with the Indianapolis 500, and close out the day with NASCAR and the Coca-Cola 600 from Charlotte. It's a super-cheap, yet high-intensity, adrenaline-filled day that keeps me glued to the television.

Doing Some Around-the-house Type Work

With all that racing on, I might not leave the house all Sunday, but I can't stand just sitting around being unproductive. That means that I might not only be able to enjoy some great entertainment but get some things on the old to-do list done around the house. This could entail some cleaning -- or even deep cleaning -- some light repairs, a painting project, home reorganizing, furniture moving, and similar items that I just don't seem to have the time to get to as part of my regular daily routine.

With my races or a good ballgame on for background, I can enjoy two great Memorial Day activities at once. And not only is such work free, but I can save money on the labor of having someone else do it, and I might even be able to make some money in the process. By going through bookcases, closets, drawers, cabinets, and closets, I can find items for the next item on my list…garage sales.

Garage Sales

We love having garage sales. They are great ways to downsize, get rid of unwanted stuff, and make some decent money in the process. In fact, we made about $600 at one of our more recent sales just by ditching stuff that was cluttering up our home.

Not only can such a sale be great because of all the aforementioned reasons, but plenty of people can be out and looking for something to do during this holiday weekend, driving additional sales traffic to the sale, and it can be a great way to get outside -- weather pending -- and enjoy one of the first nice weekends of the year.

And even if we're not the ones doing the sale, Memorial Day weekend can provide an excellent time for attending some sales and loading up on some great deals!

Get Outdoors

With the long weekend, there won't be races on all three days, so weather permitting, it could be a great time to get out and absorb some of that sunshine that may have been missing during a long winter or soggy spring.

A day trip to an area park or forest preserve, a nice walk and picnic along the local river, a trip to a favorite family camping grounds, or even just an hour or two spent at the local playground can get the kids outside, the family some much-needed exercise, and best of all, it's can be low-cost entertainment!

We tend to keep our sports equipment -- things like balls, baseball gloves, tennis rackets, and similar gear -- in the back of our SUV. This way, if the mood hits, we're ready to go without having to scramble around searching for such items out in the garage or in closets. This also keeps the loss of such items, and the associated cost to replace them, to a minimum.

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