First Person: More Men Are Shopping, and I’m One of Them

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It's mildly aggravating when product advertisements and marketers cater to women or "moms" as if they are the only ones who stay at home or do the shopping. They show them dancing around the house with a duster or vacuum, at the store with the kids, and generally handling these duties.

Okay, I'm certainly not a mom, and I definitely don't dance around the house with a feather duster…at least most of the time, but I do stay at home with the kids, and I'm also our main shopper.

Therefore, when I saw an MSN Money article entitled, "Supermarket bromance: More men are shopping," I felt a little bit of validation. The article notes that, "Midan Marketing, a Chicago-based agency that represents meat industry clients like Tyson Fresh Meats, released a survey in August that found 47 percent of the men who buy and eat meat were responsible for at least half their household grocery shopping. Forty-nine percent of the 900 men surveyed said they enjoyed grocery shopping, while 58 percent were very conscious of what they spent on beef, pork and chicken. (The survey focused on meat shopping only.)"

Man, woman or otherwise, a lead shopper has its benefits

Having a lead shopper in the family helps keep things just a little more organized. We aren't tripping over one another, double buying or forgetting things because we think the other person is getting them. One person is keeping the shopping list, taking regular inventory, rotating stock at home, and generally handling the food shopping duties. In effect, we keep redundancy to a minimum, cut out multiple trips to the store in which we're there to pick up one forgotten item and end up with ten, and we maximize our food dollar and minimize waste since we're buying only what we need in the amounts we need.

Shopping tactics I use to cut costs

As a male shopper, there are several tactics I use to keep our costs low. First off, as I already mentioned, I use a list to ensure that I don't forget items or buy unnecessarily. Second, I stick largely to non-name brand products. And finally, I utilize discount grocers such as Aldi and Wal-mart.

How much we save

So how does our family compare to the average when it comes to our grocery needs? Well, according to the USDA, a moderate cost plan for a family of four similar to ours averages about $861 a month. Meanwhile, our costs average in the $275 a month range. This number even includes things like formula, diapers, and similar baby supplies.

So while the title of "family shopper" has long been held by females, this doesn't necessarily mean it has to stay that way, nor that the man being the lead shopper is a bad thing.

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