First Person: I Will Never Be in the 1%, and That's OK

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Apparently, it takes a bit of income to be a member of the illustrious "1%" in this country. I have read different numbers, but this article suggests that you can join the club if you made $370,000 in 2010. From my perspective, that is still a rather hefty salary that I do not plan on attaining in the future. Anything is possible in life, and I do not know where my career will progress in the future. However, I do not plan on ever being a member of the 1%.

Understanding the movement

I never really did completely understand the Occupy Movement. In general, I could understand that people were upset about unemployment and lack of financial equity in this country, but I am not sure what the 99% wanted in terms of an outcome. More jobs? Sure. More money? Yes, but conveyed how? In general, I felt bad for people that were out of work but I did not see how protests were going to compel companies to do more hiring.

Why the disdain?

Is the 1% really so bad? I do operate under the assumption that there are some greedy people in this country. In addition, I am sure that some members of the 1% may have gained their wealth through unscrupulous means. However, I also have to assume that there are high earners in this country who attained their wealth through hard work, ingenuity and perseverance. In other words, I do not see the 1% as the enemy of the 99%.

Open to opportunities

Could my life change? Certainly. Perhaps in the future I will increase my earnings to the point where I join this exclusive club. As much as anything is possible, I suspect that I will never be a part of this elite group. My career path has been such that I have always worked in industries that are not built for huge earning potential. Do I regret my vocational decisions? Not at all. I enjoy my job a great deal.

Content with a lifestyle

Not everyone needs to join the 1%. Obviously I would like to make more money in my life. It would be nice to afford more things and enjoy some of life's experiences. However, I believe happiness in life is about finding a satisfying career and attaining a level of contentedness. The desire to earn more can be a fulfilling challenge, but it can also be a quest that is never satisfied.

I am fine with my position in the 99%.

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