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With the explosion of Internet commerce, consumers have found all sorts of ways to buy, sell and trade various commodities. One of those items is sports tickets, which are bought and sold through standard ticket companies, but also through a variety of resellers that often provide discounted prices. Now, certain baseball teams are severing their relationship with companies like StubHub because they still want to sell me ticket at full price. How dare they. I do not pay retail for sports tickets. I shouldn't have to in today's marketplace.


Every year there is a story about how much it costs a family of four to attending a Major League Baseball game. In 2012, the average cost was somewhere north of $200. I have to chuckle at these numbers because they are sort of like the "suggested retail price" that no one actually pays. That price includes retail tickets, parking, hot dogs, drinks and programs or souvenirs. Or, you could attend a game like we do. You buy tickets on a discount site, skip the food, bring your own snacks and avoid the souvenirs and programs. In the past, I have attended major sports events for as little as $2 per ticket.

A good deal for a while

Unfortunately, I think some teams have figured out people like me. I live in the Los Angeles area, and one of the teams that has opted out of an agreement with StubHub is the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Therefore, I may not find as many tickets to Angel's games on StubHub. There will still be tickets there that other fans sell, but StubHub is apparently changing their fee structure as well. Therefore, the good deals that I have found in the past may not be found in the future. I do not blame companies for trying to maximize a profit, but it is unfortunate when consumers find a good deal and can only take advantage of if for a certain amount of time.

Patience and planning

In general, event tickets can be terribly overpriced. That is why I do not tend to be spontaneous with these types of purchases unless I can get a really good deal at the last minute. If I am going to spend my hard-earned disposable income on something like entertainment, I am going to plan ahead and make sure that I am not missing out on a discounted price. Given the behavior of Internet commerce, I have a feeling that I will be able to get discounts on a variety of consumer-sold items in the future.

Otherwise, I will walk away. Buying retail is not my thing.

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