First Person: I No Longer Want to Pay for the Latest Smartphones

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Call me greedy, but I don't want to buy smartphones anymore. They are just way too expensive. Some companies are getting away with selling inexpensive phones to the public. Why can't every company do that? I realize that I do not have to subscribe to a cell phone service and that I could probably survive without one. However, it would be fairly difficult in a modern society that uses so much digital communication. Do companies really have to gouge us with expensive phones? Truthfully, I am sick of it. I don't want to pay for the phone anymore.

Expensive equipment

Smartphones can be expensive. Granted, I do carry around a fruit-themed phone that will remain nameless, and there don't tend to be any discounts on that particular product line. My current cell phone provider allows me to purchase a new phone every two years at a "discount." If I needed to replace my phone prior to that date, it would cost me a minimum of $450. To add insult to injury, that model wouldn't even have the same amount of memory.

Perspective of a child

We will be driving down the street and my child will say, "Look! You can get that phone for only $99!" Sometimes, the phone is even free. Yes, that is true, child of mine. However, you aren't just buying the phone. You are buying the monthly service, which can be very expensive these days. My provider really didn't give me a choice on plans when I upgraded my phone. I used to have unlimited data, but now I have to pay by the GB. In return, I get unlimited talk and text, which doesn't do much good since talking is on a decline when it comes to smartphones. I am sure that companies make money on their phones. After all, there can be a large disparity between what it costs to build a phone , and the eventual retail price. However, do they have to make so much?

It's the least they can do

Obviously this may be a bit of wishful thinking. However, it seems reasonable that if I am going to pay an expensive monthly service, I should not have to purchase expensive equipment on top of that cost. Frankly, I think companies could throw in the phone when I sign a two-year contract. Call it a way to jumpstart the economy. Help out the average American consumer?

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