First Person: How No Saturday Mail Delivery Will Affect Our Family Budget

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The news that Saturday mail deliveries are coming to a halt shouldn't surprise any of us. The US Postal Service has been struggling financially for years and stopping Saturday mail deliveries supposedly will trim their operating costs by a cool 2 billion. So how will this change affect our family?

* From a bill paying standpoint, losing Saturday delivery will mean that locally sent bills will arrive a day or two later than they used to. Bills originating from across the country could be delayed by as much as four days.

* Out going payments will have to be earlier as well. Because our mail is routed to Salt Lake City before heading elsewhere, I'm already mailing payments seven days before the due date. Losing Saturday delivery means that I'll have to mail them 9-10 days ahead of the due date. Mailing bills earlier isn't a problem for my family but will certainly cause a hardship for those who are already living paycheck to paycheck.

* Incoming checks will also be affected. While we use direct deposit for wages earned at our primary jobs, we have secondary income that arrives via US mail, such as rent checks. Even though the rent checks are usually posted on the first of the month they often don't arrive until the 3rd. With the shutdown of Saturday mail delivery, I expect rent checks to show on the 5th or even later if the first coincides with a holiday weekend. With most of our business bills due on the 10th, this means we can no longer rely on this month's rent checks to pay this month's bills.

* For my sis who lives and works in a rural mountain school district (which is out of range of cell phone towers and internet) she'll be affected the most of all. Her employer doesn't offer direct deposit so she receives her paychecks in person. And because she's snowed in during the winter and 60 miles away from the nearest bank, she must mail her paycheck for deposit. A delay of a 4-6 days in accessing funds will definitely cause a hardship for her and other families in a similar situation.

No Saturday mail delivery for many of us means having to reexamine our budgets and trimming expenses so that we can build up a bit of reserve. Since the change won't happen until August, this gives us six months to build up a balance in our checking accounts so that we can continue to pay our bills on time.

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