First Person: Organic Food Coupons Do Exist

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It can be frustrating to find coupon after coupon for processed foods. After switching to a mostly organic, unprocessed diet, I stopped using as many coupons. However, with my food bill sometimes reaching over $200 a week, I knew I had to make some changes. After some searching, I was pleased to find that organic coupons did exist. More importantly, coupons for meat and produce were out there too. As a result, I save $30 a month with organic food coupons.

Signing Up for Newsletters

I don't like to get a lot of newsletters in my inbox. Thus, I carefully selected a few of my favorite organic companies. Sure enough, in the past month I have received coupons for spring mix lettuce, yogurt, deli meat and frozen fruits and veggies. The majority of the coupons are for $0.50 to $1.

Online Deal Websites

I don't usually use online deal sites like Amazon Local or Spreebird Deals. However, I came across a deal to pay $15 for $31 of organic produce. Since this was 52% off the regular rate, I couldn't pass it up. I chose a box of organic vegetables and fruits. The boxes sometimes come with herbs, beans and nuts too. After paying the $15, I received a voucher. I did have to put in my credit card information and sign up for service every four weeks. However, I can cancel at any time. Also, there is a referral program where I get a $25 credit for every friend that I refer. The best thing: the produce is delivered right to my door. Thus, I'm also saving time and gas money.

Going to Company Websites

A lot of the bigger organic companies like Applegate, Stonyfield farms or Newman's Own have a coupon or two on their websites. Some sites need a program installed to print the coupons. If you become a fan of the company of Facebook, you can get access to more coupons too!

Emailing Companies

Some of the smaller organic companies don't always have coupons on their websites. However, after emailing companies, I was delighted to find that most mailed me a coupon or two. I simply noted that I enjoyed a specific product and asked if they had any coupons available. In less than a week, I received coupons for berries and dairy products. Most were $1 off which I think is a pretty good coupon.

Using Store Coupons

I get the bulk of my coupons from the circular in front of Whole Foods. Every few months the coupons change. The most recent flyer has $56 worth of coupons in it. I usually cut out about $10 worth.

Organic coupons may be harder to find. However, these deals are out there.

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