First Person: How I Reduced the Cost of My Pet’s Medication

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Having a pet comes with the responsibility of caring for them and providing them with annual vet visits and monthly medication. However, the ability to reduce the cost of your animal's medication is very simple. I was able to reduce the cost of my dog's prescriptions by fifty percent by following these top three tips.

1. Use Pharmacy Instead of Veterinarian's Office

For the most part, when your dog is prescribed a medication, the medication could be filled by a retail pharmacy as opposed to the Veterinarian's office. By having your veterinarian send the prescription to a retail pharmacy, you are able to use discounts provided by retail stores as well as implement any additional savings offered by any other loyalty programs that you belong to, such as AAA. By using this technique, I was able to save over eighty percent on my dog's medication.

2. For Monthly Medication Use Online Pharmacies

It is common knowledge that dogs should take heart guard as well as be administered a flea protector on a monthly basis. However, getting these directly through the Veterinarian's office can prove extremely costly. Generic alternatives work just as effectively and cost a significant deal less. In most cases, the savings seen by using generic medication as opposed to brand name medication is in excess of sixty percent. These medications can also be ordered online, and by utilizing coupons, I was able to decrease the overall annual cost of my dog's medication by approximately a hundred dollars.

3. Use Ebates When Shopping For Monthly Medication Online

By using Ebates, you are given a percentage of savings back on a quarterly basis. On average, for pet's medications, this is between three and 4 percent. By combing this additional savings with the coupons provided by the site, I was able to successfully reduce the monthly cost of my dog's medication by ten dollars per month.

By focusing on sale prices and coupons, the cost of your pet's monthly medication can be drastically reduced. By stacking up additional rewards programs, additional savings can be seen. By having the knowledge to use a retail pharmacy, as opposed to the Veterinarian's office, the cost of prescribed medication can be significantly reduced. I was able to save over four hundred dollars per year by utilizing these three techniques when caring for my dog. Additional pet savings can be seen by adding pet food and treats to monthly orders so that you can qualify for free shipping offers.

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