First Person: I Remodeled My Kitchen for Less Than $6,000

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When I moved into my home, the kitchen was outdated. It had orangish oak cabinets, faded tiles and a chipped sink. According to Remodeling Magazine, from 2009-2010, the average minor kitchen remodel ran $21,411 while a major remodel cost $57,215. I have never had over $20,000 of disposable income. Likewise, I knew we weren't going to be able to afford new kitchen cabinets and an entire set of appliances. On the other hand, I didn't want to try to change it ourselves. Instead, our family hired professionals and cut some corners. In the end, we remodeled our kitchen for less than $6,000.

Repainting the Cabinets

The cabinets were the biggest change in the kitchen. We hired a professional artist to paint our cabinets green with a vintage look. She cleaned and prepped our cabinets for one day. Then, she applied several coats of paint and a darker green for contrast. The job took almost a week to complete. You could definitely tell a professional painted our cabinets. She charged us about $2,700 for the job.

Tile and Sink

While we debated on granite, we decided to go with white ceramic tiles and subway tiles for our backsplash. These materials cost us $500. We also purchased a new sink for $300 and a gooseneck faucet for an addition $125. We hired a professional to demo the existing tile and put in the new tiles. We had an oak bar that we also tiled. This took some time because the bar wasn't level. Our handyman put in the tile, installed a new sink and extended the backsplash all the way up to our cabinets. He charged us about $1,200 for his work. I thought this was a pretty good deal.


We kept our existing white refrigerator and dishwasher. However, we swapped out our oven and microwave for a stainless steel set. The oven cost us $700 and the microwave set us back another $300. We chose a set that resisted fingerprints and smudging. For $1,000, the new appliances really modernized the space.


Now that our kitchen was a different color, I had to buy some new accessories. I purchased a set of new green bowls, decorative measuring cups and vintage kitchen towels. Also, I purchased some new serve ware for parties. This cost us an additional $100.

My kitchen is my favorite room in my house. I'm glad we were able to completely change its look for less than $6,000.

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