First Person: We Are on the Road to Becoming Financially Fit

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Being financially fit is something that I want for my family. We have struggled pretty bad for the last two years, but are bouncing back slowly. There have been some recent decisions that have helped us get our feet planted on the ground, and so far things are looking up. These are the things we changed, and how it has helped us.

I gave up my iPad

For Mother's Day this year, my husband bought me a first generation iPad. Actually, he was renting-to-own it. I was not there to stop him from making the decision, so he presented it to me beaming from ear to ear. For a while I told myself we could afford to keep it, but then reality set it. Could I justify spending $100 a month on something I truly didn't need? I opted to return it just a few weeks later. While I do miss it, I like not having to wonder where the next $25 is coming from to cover the weekly payment.

We gave up our independence

We had an apartment for two years, all our own. We recently moved in with family so that we could help them out and we could save money too. Giving up our own space was difficult for me, especially because I was home all day with my son, just him and me. There are nine people living here, and sometimes it is chaotic. We do have our own little apartment in the basement, but we can't really keep the boys corralled in there for 24 hours. The money we are saving makes up for it, but I still miss the space being "our own".

We are not wireless anymore

Instead of letting our phone contract expire, we paid the cancellation fee of $300. In the long run, it is saving us $450. Our phone bill was $150 a month, and we ended it in July. It is definitely a challenge to live without cell phones, but the money we are saving is completely worth it. We plan on getting a prepaid one to share, which my husband will take to work with him. There is a house phone here, so I am set in case of an emergency.

These changes have helped to put at least $250 a month back into our pockets. If we can make it through until the end of the year, we will be almost to the point of financial stability. It has been a long time coming, and we worked hard to get where we are today.

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