First Person: I Save $480 a Year With DIY Beauty Treatments

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It's a well-known fact that most ladies like to look nice and like to be pampered, and I'm no exception. I enjoy all the girly things that make a lady feel pretty, but living on a budget means I have to find ways to save on my beauty treatments. Here are three of the beauty treatments I do myself to save money.

Hair coloring

I'm not a huge fan of coloring my hair. Although as I get older I notice more and more gray hair, and to combat this, I do color my hair from time to time. I went to a salon once to have my hair colored thinking it would look better if done professionally, but wasn't happy with the results at all. I paid $50 dollars including the tip for something I could have done at home for less. Now when I get in the mood to color my hair I do it myself. I color my hair about six times a year, and spend around $20 per treatment. Coloring my hair myself saves me as much as $30 each time, which is around $180 a year.


I really enjoy having my finger nails painted, and having a fresh coat of paint helps boost my self-confidence. Getting my nails done at a salon may last longer, but it also costs a lot more. One visit to the salon could cost as much as $15 for each visit, which is too much for me. I know can buy a bottle of polish for as little as $5 and paint both my finger and toe nails numerous times. Having my finger nails done twice a month at a salon costs around $30. Buying the polish and doing my own nails saves me $300 a year depending on how much I spend on nail color.


The mere thought of someone paying a salon to wash their hair is strange to me. A friend once told me about going to have her hair washed, and I was shocked. We are a middle class family and paying someone to do something so simple just doesn't make sense for us financially. Depending on the salon you visit it could cost as much as $15 plus tip to have your hair shampooed. I purchase an entire bottle of shampoo and wash my hair 30 times month for less than $10.

All told, I save no less than $480 a year doing these beauty treatments myself.

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