First Person: I Saved $126 on Christmas Decorations

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After years of avoiding Christmas decorations, I was bitten by the decorator's bug in 2011. It all started in 2010 when I decided to buy a small Christmas tree that was on sale just days before the actual holiday. Having that tree changed the way our home felt on Christmas day, and it also changed the way I felt about decorating. I added a few more decorations in 2011, and then decided I wanted to fully decorate our home for Christmas of 2012. The only problem was I had to find a way to get everything I wanted while working with a small budget. This is how I bought our Christmas decorations for less than $40.

Store closeouts

I started my search just after Christmas day in 2011. I visited a number of stores that were having massive sales to clear out holiday supplies, and was able to get some great deals on things like ornaments, a tree skirt, and table decorations. One of my biggest deals was on a six foot Christmas tree. The tree was originally $50, but was marked down by 75% making it $12.50, which means I saved $37.50.

Consignment shop finds

I am a big fan of consignment shops, yard sales, and flea markets because of the bargains I often find. Back in February 2012 I ran across some of the biggest bargains I've found to date on holiday decorations. I was able to purchase 10 boxes of ornaments that each held six individual pieces for $10 and an angel tree topper for $1, which totals $11. If I bought these items from a store at retail prices it would have cost me over $60.

Ribbon for garland

Using garland to decorate a house is a great way to cover a large area fast; however, it can get quite expensive. My local craft store sells traditional garland from $3 a yard and up. That means it would cost me more than $9 just to top our large picture window with garland, and that would be just the beginning. I decided to replace the traditional garland with ribbon, and saved quite a bit of money. I paid $10 for 50 yards of decorative ribbon, and even though I have to use three strands of ribbon to complete each look, I had more than enough ribbon to do what I needed to do, and saved nearly $40.

All told, I spent $33.50 on these decorations and saved $126.50. When I combine the new items with what I already owned, I am confident my home will be bright and cheery this holiday season.

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