First Person: I Saved 70% on My Child's School Uniforms

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Back to school season can be a stressful and expensive time of year. Between purchasing school supplies and paying off tuition, to setting aside money for books and student dues, sending kids back to school well-prepared in September can be quite costly. Another expense that needs to be considered is school uniforms. If you are not careful, school uniforms can cost an exorbitant amount of money. As a responsible parent, I want my child to be prepared for the new school year, however, I refuse to go broke to pay for school expenses. Here is a look at how I saved 70% on my child's school uniforms.

Strayed from the Recommended Store

My son's school recommends that all uniforms be bought at a specific specialty store in our area. I decided not to shop at this particular store because the prices where absolutely outrageous. A uniform for every day of the school week would have cost $200. That is when I decided to seek out other options. Since the uniform doesn't have any emblem, and is comprised of a blue polo shirt and tan khaki pants, I can shop at just about any clothing store, and the school wouldn't know the difference.

Bulk Shopping

Another way I saved big on my child's school uniforms is by buying in bulk. I purchased five pairs of khaki pants, five polo shirts, a belt, and a pair of shoes for 50% less than I would have paid in the specialty store thanks to bulk discounts.

Coupons and Sales

Like many other shoppers, I cannot resist a great sale. When a big box store in my area had a sale on children's clothing, I swarmed on the opportunity. I had already saved 50% on my purchase by buying bulk amounts, and since I shopped during a sale, I saved an additional 20% on my order.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, I spent $60 on a new school wardrobe from my child, in comparison with the $200 asking price at the uniform specialty shop. When it comes to buying clothes for my children, it pays to shop around and always look out for a sale. Now my child has a closet full of quality clothing, and I still have money left over in my wallet.

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