First Person: Saying No to Upselling Saves Me Money

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Many industries work on commission or rely on tips for their livelihood. The more I spend, the more they make. Thus, I am never surprised when a waiter or salesperson tries to upsell me. Sometimes, I will take the offer. However, usually I won't give into these marketing strategies. After all, saying no to upselling (and cross selling) saves me money.

Dining Out

If I gave into all the upselling I was offered at a restaurant, I would spend a lot more money. For instance, when I go to a restaurant, I usually order water. The waiter will ask me if I want sparkling or still bottled water. I don't want to spend $3 for a bottle of water so I just ask for plain tap water. When I order an entrée, the upselling often continues. I order a salad and am asked if I want to add chicken or shrimp for an additional $5. In addition to avoiding drinks and entrée add-ons, my husband and I rarely order an appetizer or dessert. This saves us another $15. When we go out to eat, we like to keep our bill around $30. If we go out to eat 15 times a year, saying no to these extras can save us over $200 a year.

Manicure Services

On the rare occasion that I get my nails done, the manicurists are always trying to get me to upgrade. I get a basic manicure and pedicure for $35. I already spend an extra $3 on the hot oil version. However, the women doing my nails will ask if I want a callous remover (an additional $10), a flower ($5 for two flowers) or white tips (an additional $4). If I were to get all these extra services, my mani-pedi would cost me almost $50. That's a lot of money!

The Makeup Counter

There have been a few occasions when I have gotten a free makeover at a makeup counter. Typically, after the demonstration, I will buy one product. I think this is pretty much expected. In fact, according to, "It's just not courteous to get a free makeover when you have no intention of buying." However, walking away from the makeup counter without spending over $100 isn't as easy as it looks. When the makeup counter employee finds me "the perfect shade" for my eyes, I simply say, "thanks but not this time."

It's easy to give into the upselling, especially if the salesperson is charming. However, every time I resist those extras, my wallet thanks me.

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