First Person: Selling Our Home in Today's Tough Market

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When we decided to put our home on the market, I honestly had no idea how hard it would be to sell it. We decided over Christmas to get the house ready and put it on the market after the first of the year. Our house did not sell until June and that was with a lot of offers falling through to get there. I figured it would happen overnight and boy was I wrong.

The first thing we did was have our realtor come to the house and show us what needed to be done to get the house sold. We packed up about 50% of our stuff so that the small house did not look cluttered. We moved it to a shed in the backyard and learned to live with just the necessities. There was no way that we wanted our house to look smaller than it really was because there was too much stuff in it.

Next it was time to paint. We spent about $100 on paint to make the rooms look neutral and attractive to any buyer. My husband painted over the adorable flower border in our daughter's room and we also painted our white doors to look fresh. It wasn't a lot of money, but took several days worth of work.

The next thing we had to do was a little decorating. Outside of our home was a rock garden that simply had rocks in it. I spent about $50 at Lowe's to buy a couple of little things to make it look good. We also bought something to sit on the kitchen table and a few pictures to hang on the wall. All of our family pictures were taken down when we packed stuff away.

So only about $150 later our house was on the market! I just knew it would sell right away. Every week we had people looking at the house, saying they loved it, but no offers came in for awhile. Finally our realtor convinced us to dropped our price a little bit, and still nothing!

Next thing you know an offer finally came on our house. The thing was they wanted us to take $25,000 off the price and spend $5,000 fixing our driveway which only had one small little crack. We argued back and forth and just decided we couldn't come up with a deal.

The house sat there for several more months. After three open houses and a ton of showings, we decided that something else would have to be done to get this house sold. We made the choice to spend the money to replace our carpet. It cost $2,700 to do this, but it was worth it. The old carpet was a light color and had some stains showing.

Less than one week after placing brand new carpet in our home, an offer was made on our house. We were able to meet in the middle with the buyers and get into our dream home! It took a lot of time and money to sell, but it was worth it in the end.

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