First Person: We Shaved $215 Off Our Monthly Bills

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There is no way around paying bills. As an adult, bills are a responsibility that we pay for in order to live life. As a family that lives paycheck to paycheck, we often have to pick and choose what bills we pay and when. It has gotten better over the course of the last year, but we are still barely making it. These are the three things we save money on and how we do it.

Auto Insurance

Our vehicle was still being paid off last year. Our state requires full coverage insurance on all cars with loans on them. In the beginning, we were going with a big name company for insurance and were paying $150 a month. After getting quotes from a few different places, we ended up with a lesser-known company and a car insurance bill for just $77 a month. That is nearly $75 a month in savings, and nothing with our coverage changed.


Shopping for food can be costly, especially when you go unprepared. My husband gets paid bi-weekly, and that is how we have arranged our meal planning. I decided to make spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel and tally everything before hitting the store. I also use coupons when I can, which helps us. Before we were planning meals, our monthly grocery bill was roughly $350. After doing everything I could to save, we dropped our monthly bill to $250. For a family of four that is plenty. We save $100 by couponing and planning.

Household Cleaning Products

After reading a lot online about making household cleaners, I decided to give it a try. I have young kids and the thought of them being around something dangerous doesn't sit right with me. After experimenting with cleaning products, laundry detergent and soap making, I was able to perfect things. Instead of spending $50 a month on cleaning products, I am now spending around $10. That is a $40 savings, and I will continue on with this indefinitely.

After adjusting everything, we were able to save $215 a month on these purchases. I didn't realize how much you could save by shopping around for quotes, making lists, and doing things yourself. We are able to live more comfortably now, but still need to work on shaving more off our monthly bills.

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