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Ever notice how YouTube videos show up on the first page of Google's search results when you type in a keyword phrase? Maybe you didn't know you were typing in a keyword phrase, but the search engines see everything you type into that search box as a keyword phrase. They do their best to come up with the best results for the topic you are searching.

As a marketing tool for a small business, a video clip on YouTube can drive a lot of traffic to your website. It's also free advertising, which is easy on your marketing budget. The trick is to make sure it shows up at the top of the search results when potential buyers are looking for the products you sell. As an SEO expert, I know that strategic placement of specific keywords within your video clip page helps it show up near or at the top of the search results. Even thought there is no cost involved, it's a process that takes time. You'll want to make the best of it to attract customers to your website ready to buy.

Here's an example...

I happen to be interested in making silver jewelry, so I typed "how to make silver jewelry" into the search box. The first two results at the top of the page came up as video clips on YouTube. Both video clips gave me insightful information about hand crafting silver jewelry, but what is pertinent here is the fact that the people doing the demonstrations listed their websites in the video description field. They are both artisans that sell jewelry online.

The second video clip I watched contained particularly useful information which intrigued me enough to copy/paste the artist's website URL into another tab in my browser. I discovered the artist has a gallery in Sedona, not far from where I live. She makes spectacular silver pieces inlaid with turquoise and other semi-precious stones. I will make a point of visiting her gallery next time I'm in Sedona. This demonstrates the power of a video clip placed on the ever-popular YouTube website, but I would not have found this one if not for the keywords that happened to be contained in the text on the YouTube page.Wouldn't you like people surfing the Internet to find your website, just like I found this gallery-owner's site?

Strategic Keyword Placement Tips

There are a few places your keyword phrase should appear to help the page get picked up and given priority by the search engines. It's simple enough to do and it's effective for getting more website traffic and sales.

- Include your keyword in the title of your video clip.

- Include it 2 or 3 times in the video description field.

- Have your friends and associates post comments on your video clip that include your keyword phrase. A lot of comments will help put the page up in the search engines, and including the keyword phrase will help you target your specific niche audience.

Using video clips as a social media marketing tool is a highly effective way to get people to visit your main website. Make sure the clips are visible when people looking for your products search the Internet.

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