First Person: I Will Stick With America

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Yes, financial times are tough in America, and there are moments when I wonder when they will get better. Still, I am not ready to pack my bags and renounce my citizenship just yet. Do we have some money problems? Yes. Am I happy with everything that happens to me financially in this country? No. However, there are worse places out there to be. I still believe in the American experience and I do not see that changing anytime soon.

This is life

Is life supposed to be easy? Simple? Carefree? Certainly there are aspects of life that are about fun and leisure, but the last time I checked I am supposed to work hard to earn a living. That is universal, regardless of country. As much as there may be countries out there with certain aspects that are better, I live under the assumption that I have it pretty good in the United States. Can someone tell me where I am supposed to go? Should I leave my friends, family, home and employment in order to move to another country because they have a better tax rate?

Some concerns

Now, is everything blissful here in America? Obviously not. Like most Americans, I didn't enjoy adjusting to a smaller paycheck in January when the payroll tax cut expired. In addition, I am not happy with the governmental talk about taking away certain tax deductions such as charitable giving and mortgage interest. Despite my concerns I still have a job, I still have opportunities, and I look forward to continued productivity in the future.

Services cost money

Do I like high government expenses? No, but I know that services cost money. We can certainly have a cheaper government, but then we cannot expect certain programs such as Medicare, Social Security, education and defense. Is there room for cost savings? Probably. However, who is going to volunteer to have their program cut? If my job was funded by the government and I needed to provided for my family, would I volunteer to lose my job in order to save tax dollars? That would be noble, but ultimatley unlikely.

Land of opportunity?

This is still America. We will survive. We will prevail. I will find success, contentment and happiness just like generations that came before me. There are arguably some tough times ahead. However, something tells me that if I were to read newspapers from the last 200 years, I would find plenty of lament about the fiscal situation of the day. America is still a great place to be for me.

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