First Person: A Successful Try Before You Buy

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Being a realtor in the Connecticut area, I have had multiple buyers choosing the try before you buy option. Even now, I a buyer who is interested and would love to try out a home before he buys it. From personal experience, this is a great way for a seller to show off his house by letting a potential buyer try it out before putting a down payment on the house.

About six months ago, I had a buyer looking at a colonial house fairly close to a busy street with lots of traffic, thus creating lots of noise that could be heard from within the house. This buyer was unsure of whether he would mind the excessive noise, and as a result, was wary of putting a down payment on the house and signing to buy it. After talking to the buyer, we successfully set up a date in which he would stay in the house for one day and one night to test out how hard it would be to adjust to the loud noises. This was a very successful way to sell the house, as the buyer, who was previously unsure whether the noise would disturb his sleep, found out that the noise was much quieter during the night hours.

Right now, I have two clients for whom I am searching for a house for. I am sure they would not mind trying before buying their homes, as both are split between only two houses.


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