First Person: Trying Real Estate Before You Buy

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My family participated in a try before you buy deal via our real estate agent, and the system made quite an impression. We were expecting to buy the place, a nice little two bedroom affair in the middle of Rhode Island suburbia, and the night we spent in the house definitely informed our decision to wait. We weren't expecting to love everything about it, we knew coming in that it was billed as a fixer upper, but we weren't prepared for the level of adversity we would have to overcome for just one night!

We came into the night armed with our Realtors assurance that we would love our stay, and a pair of sleeping bags. My wife and I are Germaphobes, and the idea of sleeping under the covers of someone else's bed didn't appeal to us. But it wasn't germs that did us in.

Our problems began with the electricity. While my wife was brushing her teeth with her electric toothbrush, the circuit collapsed, and the power in a third of the house went dead. The only other things on the circuit were our cell phones, plugged into the wall, and the lamp that the bedroom used in lieu of overhead lighting. After that the problems came hard and fast.

The plumbing was unreliable, and the electricity was absolute trash. We were in love with the house, and we were planning on going into debt to get a place so early in our lives, and I'm grateful to the system for bringing us to our senses.

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